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Restaurant Accounting

Houston restaurant accounting servicesPrivately owned restaurants face circumstances that constantly challenge their ability to stay profitable. Rising energy costs, high employee turnover and seasonal shifts in traffic can make managing cash flow and expenses difficult for business owners. Mike C. Manoloff, PC can provide the assistance you need. We offer restaurant accounting services geared towards controlling costs and improving financial controls. We make it easier to observe business trends and watch expenses through comprehensive financial reports supplied on a weekly or monthly basis. We can also help you save money by outsourcing routine accounting tasks like accounts payable and payroll processing to us at a reasonable rate.

For restaurants that prefer to keep more of their financial functions internal, we offer QuickBooks Point of Sale® setup, support and training. We’ll also review your QuickBooks data files for accuracy on a regular basis so you can be confident that the financial information you depend on is correct and up to date.

Because we’ve worked with a number of restaurants in the Houston area, Mike C. Manoloff, PC can offer you the best possible solutions for all your restaurant accounting needs. Call us at 713-774-7766 and request a free initial consultation to learn more.

Our restaurant accounting services include: